Painting Workshops

Painting workshops since 1993

  • painting workshops for adults and children (symbols, colors, collages & mixed media)
  • accompanied painting therapy
  • initiative “art projects in kindergarden”
  • Summer Art Workshops – Slavonice/South Bohemia (CZ) and Lovas/Balaton (H)


Art Workshops & Lectures in Private Institutions and Schools 


  • “Art Courses” at Kester-Häusler-Foundation, Fürstenfeldbruck  video
  • “Children´s Day” – Oberste Baubehörde Munich
  • Montessori Children´s Art Studio
  • “Children meet Artists“, Art Projects in schools of the association of artists, Munich


  • “International Summer School Mayres – residency of spiritual experiment and art in practice”, Maříž South Bohemia, CZ 
    • “Symbolic Forms”, 2019
    • “Earth Colors”, 2021